Access Control

Access Control System

KTT provides total access control solution for our client. According to client’s need, such as floor area, the number of workers and access points, as well as, budget, KTT will select appropriate access control equipment, system integration to installation, and user training. Meanwhile, KTT could match the access control system with an appropriate monitoring system to achieve maxim control and security benefit, balancing with cost and effectiveness. KTT also works well with different interior decoration contractors, providing trouble and high-quality finishing to our customer, bring long-lasting customer satisfaction.

Access Control Mode

There are different access modes for selection according to the client’s preference for security and control.  Access control mode could be roughly divided into two major access modes, single mode and multi-mode of access. Both modes of access have their own advantage and drawback.

Single mode of access could make access control more focused to use. On the management perspective, a single access mode would more easy to manage and control. From a user perspective, learning or getting accustomed to one mode of access would be easier user-friendly. The drawback of a single mode of access control will be relatively easy to be cracked by an intruder. When this only layer of defence lost its protection, the system will become vulnerable.

Multi mode of access would be the evolution of a single access mode.  Multi-mode of access combines two or three different access modes into the access control system. Users have to provide two or three different ways of authentication to enter a premise. This could increase more layers of defence, making the system more secure. To a certain extent, the user should make extra effort to learn and operate multiple authentication methods.

Password Verification Mode

Entering a password to open gate or door is the simplest way and the most common way to access a controlled premise. The advantage of such access mode is convenient in operation, disseminating the password to appropriate persons would be OK.

Card Verification Mode

Card Reader Access Mode replaced the entry password with a smart card which stored an entry password in it. The card reader door lock could read the password and open the door.

Bio-metric Verification Mode

A fingerprint is the most common biometric way of verifying one’s identity. It gets more popular for the company to implement, as it requires staff not to bring any extra smart card for office access, meanwhile providing the accuracy for verification.






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