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Access Control With Human Resources Management

Access control system enables who can access your office premise and deny unauthorized entry. It can work with human resources management system to count your staff’s working day and leave and even more. Different access control systems can work with certain human resources management. Or some access control system will provide its own proprietary software to manage the attendance. You may select one of them that suite your specific need.

CanSoft Human Resources System

Cansoft’s HR system is the most comprehensive and localized system that is catered for companies operating in Hong Kong. Its HR System can handle the Hong Kong tax return for your company and staff. Meanwhile, it complies with the Hong Kong Labour Law and can handle your staff’s MPF. It is a perfect tool for your HR department.

It is composed of three Major Function Modules

(1) Time Attendance Module

This is a basic module that works with Access Control system to extract door access data and compose attendance record

Functions and Features of Time Attendance Module

  • Assign staff job location and duty time (fixed or shift hour, grace period, etc.,)
  • Print staff identity card (photo, name, dept., title, bar code, etc.,)
  • Staff duty roster per site, per department, scheduling staff rest days, leaves, allocate or transfer staff from site to site and print roster per dept. or per staff
  • Staff access record (on/off duty, break, outgoing job, etc.,)
  • Collect access record from fingerprint device, proximity card, smart card or bar code reader
  • Handling leaves such as sick leave, annual leave, compensation leave, rest day, holiday, trip etc.,
  • Attendance reports by daily, monthly, year to date per staff, dept., site and showing no. of working hours, late, overtime, holidays and leaves, etc.,
  • Access record, leave and holiday adjustment by the department head and HR officer
  • Export data to excel, text, formats
  • Backup and restore data
  • Staff can apply for leave by entering the I.D. code.
  • Dept. head approve or reject the application, the system automatically issue confirmation through email and c.c. to HR
    (Multiple approval processes for staff application)
  • Free and unlimited users licenses for this “apply-leave” module

(2) Personal Management Module

The second module is the Personal Management Module that keeps track of all your staff personal information

The Functions and feature of Personal Management Module

  • Staff personal data – underemployment /resigned (with relevant documents such as a copy of identity card, driving license, resume….)
  • Handling job status (dept., position, probation/full time/contract/Temp., staff/worker)
  • Employment letter, salary and job position reference, warning letter, discharge notification.
  • Staff/Worker list by dept., position, birthday, living area, salary ranking, benefit, allowance and leave entitlement, aged group, turnover…
  • Staff/worker outstanding benefit, allowances and leave lists
  • Organization chart (Department, Position, Individual staff photo and details).
  • Provide search engine – customizable reports tools
  • Mail merge – user-defined document, e.g. employment contract, salary review letter, etc.,

(3) Payroll Information System Module

This module handles all the payroll and tax return issue for your company

  • Salary calculation processing including attendance, benefit and allowance, leave & holidays, etc.,
  • Salary and job status adjustment (Job promotion, salary increment, back pay etc.,)
  • Claim benefit and allowances such as medical fee, commission, incentive payment, bonus, housing etc.,
  • Auto calculate and print out MPF contribution reports, (China: Social Insurance and Salary Tax Reports)
  • Salary payment list by worker, staff (monthly salary, hourly/daily/piece wages, benefit or penalty etc.,)
  • Print salary slip, staff auto pay list to bank, etc.,
  • Payroll history reports (details and summary)
  • Inland Revenue Statutory Statements such as IR56B/E/F/G…

Hong Kong Inland Revenue Returns (IR56B/E/F/G/M)

  • Employee data can be automatically exported to the Inland Revenue Department’s software.  A user can use this software to print IR56B sheets for the staff, copy the database to the CD and print out the cover sheet and send to the IR department.
  • A user can also use the preprinted forms collected from IR dept. or execute the program to print the desired forms.

Bankers for auto pay electronic transfer and MPF Provider for a monthly contribution

  • Select your company banker for auto pay electronic transfer
  • Select your MPF provider and fill in the contract and plan for a monthly contribution.
  • All print out formats automatically output to excel, internet format, or printed
    on A4 paper.

Local Employment Ordinance

  • The system default settings comply with Hong Kong employment ordinance and regulations.
  • Auto salary calculation (monthly salary, daily wages, hourly wages, terminated job, leave and holidays, benefit and allowance, attendance payment or penalty) are related to Hong Kong employment ordinance such as 418, 713 ordinance, MPF rules, etc.,
  • The user can alter the settings to suit the company policy. For example, terms and methods for benefit and allowance entitlement (bonus, commission, housing, medical scheme, ORSO…) can be defined by the user.
  • Formula and conditions of attendance payment can be defined for a specific group of staff per scheduled shift and site such as overtime work incentive payment, late penalty, pay leave, no pay leave or 4/5 pay leave compensation payment, no. of days for leave or holidays can be created, changed or adjusted by the user.
  • MPF voluntary contribution conditions can be defined such as a certain percentage of salary for a specific group of staff per length of year service with maximum contribution amount.

(4) Web-Based Module

Staff and HR Admin can utilize web-based module to apply and approve for sick leave and general HR issue via an Internet browser remotely anywhere with Internet access.

Function and Feature of Web-Base Module

  • Employee can log on the system through internet wherever/whenever they want to edit the personal information such as new address, telephone no. or family status, etc., They can also easily check their current month salary slip, attendance records, outstanding leaves and holidays. Apply or approve annual leaves, compensation leaves, sick leaves, maternity leaves, etc., or preview roster. (Web page and Mobile screen interface). Self-assessment, Appraiser evaluation, Appraisal meeting, Review of Objective Performance plan, Summary & Sign off
  • HR Administrator may set up and start the appraisal period by sending out email through the appraisal program to inform relevant staff for self-assessment (competencies and performance objectives questions and ratings).
  • Appraisee may log on the system through the internet with a one-click link included in the email sent by the HR Administrator to complete a set of competency questions and rate their job performance. The results would then be submitted to the appraiser for the arrangement of an appraisal meeting.
  • The appraiser may log on the appraisal program via the internet to specify weight and rate the performance of an Appraisee. A side window would prompt up and display a summary of the Appraisee’s attendance performance, leave and holiday status, employee’s comments and past appraisal forms such as Probation Appraisal, Mid-term performance during the current appraisal period.
  • Face to Face Appraisal Meeting may be scheduled by the Appraiser.
  • The appraiser has to complete the summary and action taken part of the appraisal form which may include a specific work plan agreed by the Appraiser and Appraisee for improving job performance in the next appraisal period.
  • The archived appraisal forms will be attached to the relevant employee’s personal profile.

EntryPass Visitor Management System

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