Video Door Phone

All-In-One Door Answering and Access Control Solution

Fanvil combines IP cam with access control functions, i.e. card reader, keypad and electric door lock,  into one single solution, so that your visitor just press the door phone button, you can use the IP videophone to view who is at your doorway, conversate with the visitor, and open the door by press the videophone button. The videophone can be integrated with your existing SIP IP-Phone system. It saves you from installing an extra IP-Cam, along with, a monitor and access control separately. 

Fanvil IP VideoPhone

Fanvil IP Video DoorPhone 














Data Cable Connection, SIP and POE mode

All units are connected and powered by the data cable. given the network switch be a POE mode that can provide electric power for the devices. This saves a lot of physical installation cost.  


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