Conference Room Presentation System

Business meeting, PowerPoint presentation, video or voice conference are very essential for a conference. Given the fact that face-to-face communication is the heart of business activities. This makes well-coordinated conference room facilities indispensable. They affect the process of meeting and presentation. E-whiteboard enables the presenter to illustrate his idea easily and clearly. PowerPoint presentation projector screen or TV screen can vividly display the points convincingly. Video and voice conference system can establish a virtual face-to-face meeting without actual business travel. ATEN’s conference room presentation control system can orchestrate these facilities seamlessly, maximise the power of such presentation tools.


VP 1920 Professional Audio Video Presentation Switches

Conference Room facilities Intelligent Control

Apart from conference room communication and presentation facility, lighting and electric curtain also facilitate a meeting. ATEN’s conference room facilities control switch makes configuration of different conference room settings within a single finger-tip. lighting and curtain settings pattern can be pre-set in the control switch and by just a click, all required lighting, curtain and conferencing facilities could be turned on according to your needs.

VK2100 Professional Audio Video Control System

The ATEN Control System, incorporating the ATEN Control Box (VK2100 or VK1100), the ATEN Configurator (VK6000) and the ATEN Control System App, is a standard Ethernet-based management system that connects all the hardware devices in a room or large facility to provide centralized control directly and effortlessly via a mobile device and tablet computer. The VK2100 Control Box works as the main controller that provides connectivity to all the hardware devices found in a room. After connecting the hardware, the VK6000 Configurator software provides simple setup of the devices with easy step by step configuration. The ATEN Control System App then connects you to the VK2100 Control Box from any iOS, Android or Windows mobile device/tablet computer which empowers you with mobility to control all the hardware devices, in different rooms, whenever and however you like.

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