Video Conference and Presentation ALL-in-One E-Whiteboard

Why you need to install video project, video conference cam and speaker, whiteboard or PC and Large Screen TV to facilitate different meeting needs, such as Video or voice conference, PowerPoint Presentation, handwriting presentation during a meeting to illustrate your point? if you install a touch screen e-whiteboard, all these functions you can have your grasp in one unit.

Handwriting Presentation

E-whiteboard possesses a touch screen size from 55″ to 89″, powered by both Window 10 and Android that you can use a touch pen or your finger to write and draw whatever you want on the screen as a whiteboard does to illustrate your idea more vividly and easily.

PowerPoint Presentation 

Your PowerPoint presentation can be easily pushed on to the screen by wireless Screen Share unit, requires neither any USB nor HDMI cable connecting to the PC. You can write any remark by hand on any PDF document or PowerPoint presentation to further elaborate your point.  

Video Conference

With built-in cam, speaker and microphone you can facilitate a web-based video conference via any Web Conference service, such as Webex, BlueJean, Skype, MS Team, GoToMetting etc. without a need to further install extra conference equipment. 

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