Voice Conference

Voice Conference System

Voice conferencing is a more cost-saving and flexible alternative to Video conference. Voice conference imposes less hardware and bandwidth dependency than that of a video conference. By using a conference phone or virtual-room facilitated by installing Conference Bridge, multiple-location voice conference is possible. In other words, no matter wherever the meeting attendance may be, he/she can join the voice conference by just dial into the “virtual conference room” using a mobile phone or office telephone. What he/she misses is that he/she cannot see the face of other meeting parties.


Conference Phone – Polycom Trio

Why settle for an ordinary, handset speakerphone when you can use a Polycom Trio? Unlike other speakerphones that only allow one person to talk at a time, Polycom‘s breakthrough Acoustic Clarity Technology lets you have natural, free-flowing two-way discussions. Conference calls are not only more productive but also much more efficient.

While on a conference call, have you ever tried to interrupt someone who was making a point you did not agree with? Well, Trio enables you to speak at the same time as someone else so you don’t have to wait for him or her to stop talking before you can break in. For basic conferencing in small and medium-sized conference rooms, choose Trio.

Why Conference Phone?

This conference phone is ideal for small- to medium-sized rooms containing one to five people. With conventional, half-duplex speakerphones, only one party can speak at a time without clipping off the other party’s voice. Echoes and howling can further disrupt your conversations and lead to costly misunderstandings. But because of the Trio full-duplex operation, you can speak naturally and hear both sides of the conversation clearly.


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