Conference Bridge

A Virtual Voice Conference Room for multi-parties

With Conference Bridge, you can facilitate a multi-parties conference call; whereas these involved parties located in different corners of the globe. They just make use of a normal telephone connection to access your Virtual Conference Room and join the call. 

Why Conference Bridge?

Conference function is a very normal function for any given business telephone system. However, in order to facilitate a multi-parties international teleconference, you are required to call one by one and activate the conference for them. Why not ask those involved overseas parties to call in to join the teleconference, instead of calling them one by one?

The Conference Bridge would be the answer. It enables your company to facilitate a “Virtual voice conference room” that holds the teleconference conversation. It only required those involved overseas parties to dial in and access the “virtual conference room”. Then they can join the conversation. This could save the effort to initiate a teleconference function one by one.

How to Access the Virtual Conference Room?

  • Each involved party (located overseas) use his office telephone or mobile phone to dial the Conference Bridge telephone number to access the Virtual Conference Room.
  • After hearing the Greeting Voice Message, input an access password, He enters this “Virtual Conference Room” and
  • Joins the meeting conversation.


Product Configuration

  • Incoming Parties Capacity: Max 6-8 incoming lines
  • Intercom parties capacity: max 16 intercom parties
  • Max number of concurrence Virtual Conference Room cate
    red: 4 conference groups
  • Max Capacity of each Virtual Conference Room: 8 parties (incoming line + intercom)
  • Incoming Access Password: Yes (up to 4 digits)
  • Incoming Greeting Voice Message: Yes (up to 200 Words)
  • Changeable levels of security: Yes


Benefits of Conference Bridge

  • Saving Business Trips Expense
  • One-off Investment: Installing Conference Bridge is just a one-off “investment”, just two to three months of rental fee of Teleconference Function arranged by third parties may be enough to cover the installation cost. Nevertheless, that could save these monthly expenses from the day forward.
  • Conference Bridge also saves the effort and time of Hong Kong office where the Conference Bridge was installed to initiate the telephone conference, by dialling to each involved party one by one. Each involved party just only dial into the Conference Bridge and join the conversation at an appointed time by his/her own convenience.


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